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    Patented or patent pending product designs, EZ Light Wraps now available!

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    EZ Light Wraps - Bath Bar Light Shades

    A simple design updates lighting, no tools necessary!

    A patent pending design of just three pieces to combine and update your bath lighting in less than 5 minutes, with no electrician or painter necessary.


    Perfect for those who want a new look with little hassle. If you are unable to make permanent changes, don't want to pay a contractor, need it fixed fast or have dozens of units to update - this is a beautiful fix!

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    EZ Bar Box Sealed Storage

    A mobile solution for cocktail garnishes & ingredients

    The EZ Bar Box will safely hold up to six items, with no cross contamination. Transport multiple items easily to off site events, golf outings, pool bars or just rugged everyday use. This grid seals each item separately - NO MORE cherry juice spills!


    Our lid design seals each compartment separately - lock down your expensive & less used items (think cherries, hazelnuts, oranges, pineapple, etc) to stay fresh longer.

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    Prep & Serve Modular Storage

    This system seals each item separately - under one lid!

    Prep & Serve will become a system you can use daily. Utilizing a modular design, this container system makes sense of your space. The grid format and square containers take up less space both in and out of your fridge. No matter how you design your box, each item will seal individually, yet removing only one lid to access all saves time and food!

  • Partners & Consultants

    Who will we be working with when funded?

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    Christina Brandt

    Product & Mfg Consultant in Hospitality

    I have enjoyed an incredible three-decade career in the hospitality industry, grateful for the opportunities and success I experienced as a 3rd generation member of my family’s story! By gaining understanding in all facets of the company through hands on work, progressively increasing responsibilities and leadership roles, I rose to what was my greatest privilege, serving the team as President for 7 years.


    I lead with a deep concern focused on culture, brand and alignment of individual potential to realize and exceed operational and financial expectations. Achieving all I could in the conditions, with passion and integrity I now embrace the fabulous chance to coach and connect within companies of nearly any size. By applying my vast experiences, knowledge and strengths, it's exciting to ReImagine dreams and create Possibilities!

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    Larry Dull

    Partner in Weir•West Packaging

    In October of 2014, Larry will receive his ninth original patent for developing yet another significant packaging technology. Many of his original patents have become standards in the packaging industry as he continues to be called upon for his unique analytical and creative engineering skillset.


    Larry continues to dominate the packaging industry as he is consistently asked to help create and define new sustainable packaging standards such as authoring the newly released ISTA document, Responsible Packaging by Design, which he also teaches.Well-known and respected by his peers in the packaging as well as the supply chain industry, Larry is the packaging professional who is called upon by his packaging professional colleagues when they’re at a loss for solving a packaging delimma.


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    Deirdre M. Kvale

    DMK Intellectual Property Law PLLC

    Deirdre has been practicing patent law for more than 25 years, including patent drafting and filing, IP counseling, infringement clearance, patentability opinions, litigation strategy and support, due diligence reviews, and trademark registration and clearance. Her background is in Mechanical Engineering, licensed in the state of Minnesota. She has a strong track record for providing broad protection and a record for obtaining positive decisions for patent appeals.

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    Andrew Czech

    Marketing and Finance

    Analytically minded and strategically driven professional with valuable multi-functional experience in competitive and entrepreneurial environments.Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Business Development, Financial Modeling, Project Development and Execution, Entrepreneur, Contract Negotiation, Budgeting and Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Multi-Site Operations

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    Carmela Sterling


    Coach for FACEBOOK live events, NETWORK marketing pitches, TV SHOPPING appearances. 30 years plus expertise in talent coaching, training and presentation development, specializing in TV Shopping.

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    Chris Herman

    CAD and Industrial Design

    Medical Device and Consumer Product Industrial Design and product design. Cradle to grave, Ideation to Production.


    Chris has worked across industries making prototypes for consumer, medical, and industrial goods. Many of his designs and prototypes are destined for human interaction; items that are tactile and handheld. He needed the versatility to meet and exceed his customer’s expectations.

  • Marj Viksna Weir

    With a passion for good design and ability to see the 'big picture', I create products and ventures

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    About Weir 1000

    Easier & Safer Product Development

    Hi - thanks so much for landing here. As an inventor you are always searching for resources and people - also constantly being taken advantage of no matter how street smart you think you are. This is a new way to get products off the mark. My (current) three products shown here have large markets, along with strong licensing potential. I'm looking for people interested in at least one of these and an easy way to be involved in that success. Very low financial/time commitment but be in on the fun!

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    Called Visionary, Renaissance Woman, Creative

    Or Crazy...

    I've been a 'creative' for as long as I can remember. We all are - though some of us just have learned how to execute our ideas, and my background in graphic design was a huge help towards that end. I LOVE to solve problems, and find the right folks to help. On this website you will find my current products that are in some stage of completion, and a great group of consultants and partners that have helped move things along.

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    Kids & Cakes

    Absolutely Delicious

    Living in Afton with our three young kids, I had quit my State job in 2004 to work on licensing Fitware™. 'Absolutely Delicious" wedding and party cakes became my side biz, but a commercial kitchen would prove to be too expensive. There were not many co-working kitchens back then and besides, all my profits were going to Weight Watchers! This is one venture I am happy I gave up on for that reason alone... but another way my PrepNServe prototypes proved helpful!

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    A Restaurant Vision

    Sail Away Cafe

    In late 2006 several people commented that we should open a restaurant in Afton. At the time I thought my product (Fitware) was soon going to be licensed to Rubbermaid or similar. That did not happen but the restaurant did. Once the vision and name came together, the rest did too. We opened in 2008 where four others failed. Ours was quite successful, with live music every weekend, a beautiful patio and scratch cooking. This is the wall tile I did from the logo. Also the reason for the EZ Bar Box!

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    Real Estate and Rehabs

    Seven years of remodeling design

    I started in real estate in 2007, and focused on remodels and working with investors from then till 2014, as the market was rocky and inexpensive run down homes were plentiful. I've been in 100's of foreclosures, seen some terrible situations and had one myself. With this experience, I give kudos to those who are willing to take on some of those and turn them around. So fun to make a house a home.

    If not for being in real estate, I'd not have thought of EZ Light Wraps

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